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Five Things Motivational Speakers Should Accomplish, but Typically Don't

Most motivational speakers typically come to your event, deliver their prepared presentation, fire up the crowd, and depart. However, a great motivational speaker does much more than that. Here are five things that your motivational speaker should do for your company to ensure success:

  1. Define a Proven Methodology to Implement Ideas
    Motivational speakers should do more than just recant entertaining stories or hype the incredible results they achieved from their specific situation. Great motivational speakers will present a detailed and clear plan to execute your employees' or company's ideas. This step-by-step methodology will provide your audience with the tools they need to reach their new aspirations. This is the "how" - and it will make all the difference.

    What good is it to hear a motivational speaker talk about who, what, where or when their success came about without the "how"? And, you will find, there is a definite difference between how the speaker achieved success and how your employees will achieve success. Great motivational speakers will deliver a proven and repeatable methodology; not just tell a story that is so personal (or tragic) that the audience could not execute a similar process and find success in their goals.


  2. Focus on the Individual Aspirations of Each Employee
    Motivational speakers should deliver a message that addresses (in some way) the individual aspirations of each member of the audience -- not everyone wants to be an astronaut. Typically, motivational speakers stories of accomplishment are so extraordinary that your employee's personal goals may seem insignificant. The ability to touch everyone (or most everyone) on an individual level will make the motivation more personal and their goals more achievable. The end result is to have every member of the audience achieve something that they previously thought was impossible or very difficult. The ability of a motivational speaker to move an entire audience to accomplish a single personal goal is "extraordinary".


  3. Inspire the Employee to be Self-Motivated
    They say that "corporate culture" is the way that employees act when the boss is away. This is not only true in the way they treat your customers, your suppliers and each other, but how they innovate, accomplish goals and control quality. Every company has the ability to provide employees with the appropriate tools, processes, training and authority, but the "secret sauce" within an organization is usually a combination of motivation and attitude. Your company's corporate culture will benefit most from a motivational speaker's ability to inspire your employees to be self-motivated. There is a huge difference between motivating an audience during a presentation and inspiring people to be self-motivated for the rest of their lives. Self-motivation and a positive attitude can be contagious - a corporate culture where employees inspire each other is extremely powerful.


  4. Motivate the Employees to Internalize the Company's Vision
    Most motivational speakers talk about themselves and the success they had at some point within their life. Great motivational speakers will use their story to help you unite your employees behind your company's vision. Motivating your employees to help you reach your strategic goals should be a primary objective of the motivational speaker. The ability to move an entire audience to support common goals while encouraging them to reach their own personal goals is a unique skill.


  5. Implement a Continuing Education Program to Ensure Lasting Change
    Motivational speakers should establish (or at least offer) a continuing education program to reinforce their concepts. This program may include workshops with all employees (especially leaders and mid-management), additional training & consulting services and even follow-up employee phone consultations. These types of services are essential as you foster the motivation achieved by each individual during the presentation into lasting personal growth or change.


In addition to these five things, the success of your event will also depend on the longevity of the motivation. Protect your investment, avoid these Three (3) Reasons Your Audience Won't Stay Motivated.

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